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Autor: Dylan Shilts

Educational Content

Free Forexia Signature Trade Course 

Looking for the Forexia Signature Trade FREE Course? The Forex Investors Alliance #Signature Trade pattern is considered the MOST RELIABLE setup in trading. Why? #1. No need to replace your confidence with indicators or scanners. Market structure tells all and never lies. #2. ZERO Drawdown trades. The beauty of the #Signature…

What is a trading curb?
Educational Content

Can the world’s financial markets suddenly stop? 

Here is a big question, “Can the world financial markets stop?” Introducing: The “Trading Curb” A trading curb (typically known as a circuit breaker[1] in Wall Street parlance) is a financial regulatory instrument that is in place to prevent stock market crashes from occurring, and is implemented by the relevant stock exchange organization. Since their inception, circuit…

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