Perfect example of market manipulation hidden behind the high impact news event of GBP that occurred Jan 30th at 6am.

High impact events are used as an excuse to move the market. High impact events are often used to shift the market in a parabolic move against the trend traders. This effectively causes chaos in the minds of retail trend traders causing them to implement poor trading decisions.

How convenient is it that they give us the exact time the move is expected.

A perfect example of the market structure we teach in our #SignatureTrade Course is shown here.

S/M/T – Induction trend + SignatureTrade & Mid week reversal off the low of the week after #SignatureTrade breakout. London session inducing the sell off, then 6am NY session we have the parabolic shift seconds after the high impact news was released.

130+ PIP move caused by news after Forexia #SignatureTrade induction pattern formation.