The Forex Investors Alliance #Signature Trade pattern is considered the MOST RELIABLE setup in trading.


#1. No need to replace your confidence with indicators or scanners. Market structure tells all and never lies.

#2. ZERO Drawdown trades. The beauty of the #Signature Trade setup is that when mastered, the idea is to catch the entry off the highs or lows exactly where the market is planned to reverse. Giving the opportunity to catch trades with zero drawdown

#3. The setup is noticeable long before the trade plays out. The wedge pattern that is created in the making of our #Signature Trade, is a dead giveaway that a potential setup is about to occur.

#4. Little Risk for a Massive Reward. Our #Signature Trade setup gives risk to reward ratios that cannot be obtained with any other strategy. Risk 20 pips to make 200.