This was the headline in almost every major news outlet for the entire month of January 2020. The entire world was on its feet listening to the mainstream media outlets in fear of the worst. Meanwhile, the market was setting up for an opportunity for those with the eyes to see past the propaganda.

Since the beginning of Oct. 2019, the US OIL market has been on a skyrocketing uptrend for a total of over 95 days.

95 day extended uptrend on crude oil

On January 3rd theIranian general “Soleimani” was “killed” in a US airstrike and with that the propaganda machine began it’s mainstream brainwashing campaign. Every mainstream media outlet was talking about the tension occurring between the two countries. While the world was focused on the mainstream media propaganda machine, the makers of the market were having a field day. They knew exactly what was about to happen and how the masses were about to react. On Jan 3rd USOIL spikes up over 4.8% (a massive move compared to the average daily movement of less than 1% over the past few weeks), causing the emotionally triggered retail herd to jump into their buy positions just because of what they hear on the news and see on the charts.

The 4.8% rise on USOIL created the “range” in which our #SignatureTrade wedge formed. It took a total of 5 days for the wedge to form to a point. EXACTLY 5 days after the Iranian general was killed, the point of the wedge made it’s expected breakout to the high of the week.

Our #SignatureTrade setup PROVES the market is a STAGE. –How can we prove this?

Firstly, our famous #SignatureTrade pattern is used to reverse the market. This pattern occurs after an established trend and wedge formation.

What a coincidence that the breakout of the wedge was caused by an “attack on an Iranian base” exactly after the wedge formed.

This entire event was PRE-PLANNED to cause as much propaganda and hysteria as possible.

How does it make any sense that opposite events caused the same reaction? Iranian general was killed and the market pumps, then the US attacks an Iranian base and the market pumps again?

These events were used to induce the last amount of dumb money in the opposite direction right before making their intended move.

The #SignatureTrade proves the world is a stage. Hegelian Dialect at its finest.

The entire event was nothing more than induced mass propaganda to get the mainstream market participants to buy into the “raging uptrend.”

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