“One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.”

Lewis Carrol

Warning: This post may be disturbing to some that are not yet informed.

Over the years, an online thread known as “QAnon” has been growing and recently has taken over the internet. “Qanon” is an anonymous group of individuals across the internet that help expose Hollywood actors, Democratic politicians, and high-ranking officials of engaging in an international child sex trafficking ring. Have you heard of #pizzagate ? What about Jeffery Epstine and his pedofile island?

This may not seem to have anything to do with Forex or Trading the financial markets at the moment, but lets try to connect some dots.

Research yourself – What is Q? – Click here

Follow the White Rabbit

a quote from the leader “Q“, of “Qanon”.


The “White Rabbit” is a symbol for adrenochrome.

What is adrenochrome?Adrenochrome is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3 produced by the oxidation of adrenaline (epinephrine). (Wikipedia)

Previously relegated well beyond the awareness and understanding of the general public, a naturally occurring human endocrine secretion “Adrenochrome”, is now becoming a focal point of attention of people awakening to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

That rare substance is called Adrenochrome. And aside from having miraculous scientifically tested and proven regenerative abilities in rejuvenation of human tissue, restoration of nerve responsivity and cognitive function, adrenochrome holds near mythic status as the Calistoga “fountain of youth” immortality substance for the global “elite”. The Unholy Grail of the pedophile cultists who rule and reign in our midst. Adrenochrome harvest and acquisition is the WHY of everything else in the emerging and pernicious realm of unspeakable acts of child sex trafficking, abduction, abuse exploitation and even child sacrifice by the world elite.

What is Adrenochrome?

Adrenochrome is the a strong hormonal precursor for adrenaline secreted by the body in large amounts in moments of intense fear, anger or perceived life threatening danger. It’s purpose, as determined by scientists, is both to optimize the adrenaline response of muscles and nerves of the body while also protecting bodily tissues and organs from the rigors of adrenaline rush, acting as both buffer and optimizer to accelerate the adrenalized flight or fight mechanism of human fear response in survival situations. Think of it as a fuel additive for the souped-up “funny car” launch of human survival instinct when confronted by life threatening physical danger or terror. And there’s nothing like it on earth. (Link to post)

Adrenochrome in Movies (HollyWood Knows).

Who are these sick people??

Jeffery Epstein’s sex “Temple” on his private island.

Follow the white rabbit
Photo of Jeffery Epstein’s sex “Temple” on his private island.
Follow the white rabbit
Follow the white rabbit

Connect the dots…

Follow the white rabbit
Follow the white rabbit

The movie “Monsters Inc.” by Disney, is an example of human child adrenochrome extraction put into a children’s film. The movie tells of a a civilization of “Monsters” who capture the screams of terrified children and use it as a source of fuel.

Follow the white rabbit
The “White Rabbit” is symbolism for the “Adrenochrome” molecule. (The adrenochrome molecule looks like a rabbit)
Follow the white rabbit

“Adrenochrome” can be ordered online from a lab in Wuhan, China

When you thought it couldn’t get any stranger, we see a link to Wuhan, China and Adrenochrome. The exact same place where the entire “Coronavirus” pandemic apparently started. What a coincidence. Follow the white rabbit.

Follow the white rabbit

How does this relate to the Financial Markets?

“Coronavirus” starts world wide economic meltdown.

Follow the white rabbit
US Oil falls from off a cliff going from 60.00 to 20.00 in a moment of days.
Follow the white rabbit


What are the chances that these and so many more currency pairs are at the intersection point of their wedge, where a breakout is expected. Exactly when this whole “Coronavirus” world wide epidemic starts. Follow the white rabbit...

“have i gone mad?

im afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usualy are.”

Alice in Wonderland

Easter Holiday and the Death of the US dollar.

What are the chances that all of the above (and more) currency pairs are creating the same wedge on the monthly timeframe and coming to an intersecting point all at the exact same time?

Follow the white rabbit q Follow the white rabbit
We see the worst crash in the history of the stock markets, yet the USD keeps rising?

The world has a dollar problem. Many countries have debts denominated in USD. As global trade stops and US dollars stop flowing around the world, the risk of defaulting on US dollar debts rises.

The Federal Reserve is able to solve any dollar-based problem in the United States by “printing” dollars (increasing reserves more accurately), but cannot get US dollars into every corner of the world that needs them.

Follow the white rabbitFollow the white rabbit
Follow the white rabbit

Follow the white rabbit
The DXY (US dollar index) is being artificially inflated by the FED.

The Fed’s Repo Agreement Operations

Follow the white rabbit
Follow the white rabbit
Follow the white rabbit
Follow the white rabbit
Follow the white rabbit
Follow the white rabbit

Follow the white rabbit

As the coronavirus plowed through China, cities began to “lock down” and businesses closed. These actions sent ripples through global payment systems effecting business partners up the supply chain.

As lockdowns spread to Japan, South Korea, and Italy, it became clear that missed payments on debts would increase.

In this scenario, there are two dollar shortages to be aware of. Inside the US, the Fed can plug almost any US dollar liquidity problem by adding reserves into the system, for a limited amount of time. Internationally, however, many countries operate using US dollar-denominated loans. The Fed is unable to push US dollars to all corners of the world.

The Open Market Trading Desk (the Desk) at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has released the repurchase agreement (repo) operational schedule for the upcoming period.

Beginning Thursday, March 12, 2020 and continuing through Monday, April 13, 2020, the Desk will offer at least $175 billion in daily overnight repo operations and at least $45 billion in two-week term repo operations twice per week over this period.  In addition, the Desk will also offer three one-month term repo operations, with the first operation occurring on Thursday, March 12, 2020.  The amount offered for each of these three operations will be at least $50 billion.

Follow the white rabbit…

What globally recognized holiday do we celebrate with white rabbits?Easter.

Easter Sunday occurs on April 12th & Easter Monday occurs on April 13th. What a coincidence that over $1 TRILLION USD in short term repos are due to mature on April 13th, after 3 days of markets close, and on a bank holiday.

Follow the white rabbit

Easter is not considered a federal Holiday in the USA.

Follow the white rabbit

How is the US dollar, which is heavily dependent on Holidays for liquidity, going to react when Easter cannot be celebrated because the entire country is in “quarantine”?

What happens if the US dollar collapses?

The US dollar is the world’s main reserve and payments currency, meaning it is the currency in which most global trade and investment takes place.

Just as no part of the global economy will be insulated from the impact of the virus, no major part of the global economy will be insulated if dollar funding markets break down

Brad Setser – International economist at the Council on Foreign Relations

Should that happen, Mark McCormick, global head of foreign exchange strategy at TD Securities, said the liquidity problem could turn into a solvency problem. “The US dollar sits at the epicentre of that, and its strength reflects a mismatch of supply and demand for funding.”

The “breakout” is still pending. The damage is yet to be done.

Follow the white rabbit
A breakout is still pending on EURJPY, USDCHF and many other pairs. What will be the catalyst to cause the breakout?
Follow the white rabbit

Predicting Market Cycles and New Paradigms

Follow the white rabbit
Example of a full “Market Cycle”
Follow the white rabbit
S&P 500: Cycle 1 lasted from 1990 – 2003
Follow the white rabbit
S&P 500: Cycle 2 lasted from 2003 – 2009
Follow the white rabbit
S&P 500: Cycle 3 lasted from 2009 – 202? (With price projection)
Follow the white rabbit
S&P 500: Cycle 1 – 3
Follow the white rabbit
Follow the white rabbit
S&P 500: Most recent snapshot.

Economic Cycle Research

It is possible to “predict” the next market crash. If you understand this economic cycle of manipulation, you can profit from the opportunities that present. Take advantage of the current FREE Mini-course on our famous “Signature Trade” Strategy, click here!

Projected USD Move (#Signature Trade)

Follow the white rabbit
Projected crash to take place on the USD mid April. Perfect #Signature Trade macro pattern.

Looking at the US dollar on a monthly timeframe we can see a massive wedge forming, this wedge was broken out of due to the “coronavirus” global pandemic scare. Meanwhile financial markets like the S&P500, USOIL, US30 and NASDAQ are all experiencing catastrophic collapses.

The Fed is using repo agreements to inflate the market causing a massive bubble which can only end one way. What a coincidence that the induction of the #Signature Trade we see above, is being caused by the repo agreements, of which over 1 trillion dollars are due to “expire” in April.

This is nothing but a “Problem – Reaction – Solution” – Mind control tactic playing out on a global level.

#SignatureTrade “Problem – Reaction – Solution”

Problem = Wedge
Reaction = Breakout/Induction
Solution = Reversal

Coronavirus “Problem – Reaction – Solution”

Problem = Markets need correcting
Reaction = Use mass media to drive coronavirus fear propaganda to all parts of the world
= Cause massive corrections in the markets

To connect even more dots, check out how the mass media is owned by only 6 different corporations who control everything the masses consume. Click here to read.

Follow the white rabbit.

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