At Forexia, our goal is to help traders understand the nature of market and truth behind the Moves that happen and the way it happen.

we had a great impact in trader’s journey by our FREE 3 HOUR M/W COURSE, and we decided to celebrate 20k members on our Facebook Group, not only with 15 prize for Give away, but also with a brand new FREE MINI TRAP COURSE for our community.

This is another Free 3 hour course which is dedicated to traps! Here is the topics that is going to be covered in the course:

  • Who are the Players in the market?
  • What are Their Tools?
  • Retail Trader’s Setups and Confirmations!
  • Consolidation purpose
  • Stop Hunt – induction
  • Risk management
  • Trading Plan
  • Entry and Exit method

In order to access to this course click the link below, Enter your email address and start watching it right away!

What other traders say about the “Mini Trap Course”

Thanks Hooman the mini trap course is very well put together, I appreciate the opportunity to take the course🙏🏾


I just went through the content and it was absolutely amazing how everything so connected and the sense or logic one needs to employ to really see the traps.


..thanks so much for all the great work and effort you put in for all the FREE content … I swear when I have to invest in any course it would be yours.

Rohan Sam

you opened my eyes, I didn’t trade today all I did was backtesting and looking at chart as per your free course 🔥🔥🔥🔥, It’s the best.


This course is absolutely amazing! Hooman gives away for free all the foundational knowlegde you need to understand the market and start trading in a whole different way. Study this over and over again… This is pure gold! Thank you GPG/ Forexia for even more help, quality information and mainly for opening my eyes for what is happening in the market. This goes so much far than trading alone… I can’t thank you enough!

Vinicius Franco

Finished the course, it was very helpful…a big thank you.


If you had any question, feel free to contact us!

have a wonderful week.