What is a perfect entry?

The forex perfect entry timing strategy is when price moves in your intended direction as soon as you place the trade. The perfect entry has little to no drawdown. Some people claim the “perfect entry” does not exist. Those people lack understanding of the market it’s movement. Don’t become obsessed with trying to get a perfect entry all the time. There will be times when you are wrong and your trade goes against you.

Forex Perfect Entry Timing Strategy

The best times to trade vs the worst times to trade.

Believe it or not, the forex market moves in cycles. There are specific times at which the market will consolidate, and specific times at which the market will make it’s move. Most beginner traders pay little to no attention to which session they are trading and simply trade when they see a setup or when they have the time. The slowest time to trade is asian session, I would also deem this the worst time to trade as most markets move sideways during this time. The major moves occur when the masses are asleep. The start of London session and early New York session is when the major moves are made.

Forex Perfect Entry Timing Strategy

The perfect entry has a strategy behind it.

Let’s face it, you can’t just hop on the charts without a detailed strategy and execution method and expect to see success. Behind every perfect entry there is a strategy and execution method that allows for the trader to follow through with confidence. This confidence is acquired when a trader has mastered their strategy. The mastery of their strategy comes with the perfection of their entry method. Check out the video below for a great example that can be used for forex perfect entry timing strategy.

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