This is your chance to become my personal student for 5 days in Costa Rica while staying in a 4 story mansion in the Jungle!! A living dream!!


**-Full 5 Day intensive Bootcamp Course, 4 hours per day x 5 days = 20 hours total (view full curriculum below)

**-Shuttle service pick up and drop off from airport upon arrival and departure

**-Complete housing in a 4 story Mansion in the beautiful mountains of Escazu, Costa Rica for the 5-day intensive Forex Bootcamp.

**-5 Days of your favorite meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) cooked by your own personal private chef

**-Complete LIFETIME Access to our Signature Trade Course 2018 recordings ($2500 value)

**-Printed hardcover of our famous books "The Way of The Superior Trader" & "The Academy Playbook" , Forexia Sticker Pack & More

Bootcamp Curriculum: 

Day 1: Intro Class (4 Hours)
11 am - 3pm 

1. Introduction to the Manipulation of the Forex Market.
2. Retail Trader Mindset and Thought Patterns
3. The Basic Variations of Market Manipulation
4. Reverse Psychology of Retail Thought Patterns
5. Understanding the Fractal Nature of Forex
6. The "Retail Trader Comfort Zone"
7. Daily Market Structure and its Purpose
8. Main 3 Market Sessions and their Purpose
9. Hegelian Dialectic and the Forex Market


Day 2: Becoming Independent (4 Hours)
11 am - 3pm

1. Market Session Reversal Timing
2. When to Trade & When Not to Trade
3. Liquidity Pools at Highs & Lows
4. Stophunts & Inductions
5. Reversal Patterns & Variations
6. Weekly Market Structure & Its Purpose
7. #SignatureTrade Overview
8. Trading High Impact News & NFP
9. "Phases of Disaster" - NLP in the Markets

Day 3: #SignatureTrade 2020 Intro Class (4 Hours)

11 am - 3pm

1. Weekly #SignatureTrade Structure
2. #SignatureTrade Variations & Their Purposes
3. Mid-Week & Tue Reversal Concepts in Depth
4. TWTF vs WTF #SignatureTrade Version
5. #SignatureTrades on Macro and Micro Scales
6. Sine Wave Double Week Structure & Macro Trends
7. ZERO DRAWDOWN Entries & Perfect Exits
8. USD/ZAR Strategy Overview +Integration
9. Backtesting the #SignatureTrade & Variations

Day 4: Trading Psychology, Mindset & Discipline (4 Hours)

11 am - 3pm

1. The Retail Mindset vs Institutional Mindset
2. Cure Trading Addiction & Emotional Manipulation
3. Overview of Personality to Match Trading Strategy
4. Emotional Connection to Trading via Neuro-Linguistics
5. Top 3 NLP Practices for Better Trading
6. Best Morning Discipline Practices to keep your Edge
7. Developing a Risk Management Plan


Day 5: Full Development Class (4 Hours)
11 am - 3pm

1. Developing your Trading Strategy and Plan.
2. Managing and Tracking your Portfolio
3. General Overview of Day 1 - 4
4. Integration Quiz
5. Finalization of Course and Planning
6. Practice LIVE vs DEMO & Why
7. Homework and Study Material

Total Cost: $5,999 USD
(Includes: 5 days of meals cooked by your own personal professional chef, Shuttle from and to the airport, 5 days of Forexia Bootcamp Curriculum, 5 days stay in a 4 story mansion in the mountains of Costa Rica)

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 Hosted by Forexia Founder and Professional Trader;   Dylan Shilts