Forex 101 -The Very Basics by Elwin

PT1 – Terminology and More

What is Forex ? What is a PIP ? What are Lot Sizes ? What are Currency Pairs ? What is the BID / ASK ? What is the Spread ? What is Leverage ? What is Margin ? What is Swap ? What are the Different Trading Sessions ?

PT 2 –

Types of different Analysis Technical / Fundamental News Events Types of Pending Orders Market Orders Stoploss Trailing Stoploss Account Types Brokers

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Difficulty: Beginner

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Dylan Forexia Dylan Forexia Author

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5 thoughts on “Beginners Basic Forex Course”

  1. Isaac Cochrane says:

    Thank you so much for this course. It really helped me to learn so much about forex.

    I would like to learn more about the account types… And the broker to use with no dealing desk.. We stopped at STP..

    ECN And Hybrid…. And what are the countries who can trade on these platforms.

    Would surely continue to take the other courses as well including the advanced .

    Thank you again it was really very helpful in my quest to learn more and soon become a professional trader like you.

  2. Mohamed Tamekloe says:


  3. Donovan Mokhele says:

    thanks a lot for being in forexia academy for free courses

  4. Tshola Mofokeng says:

    Awesome awesome loved it

  5. Akaangee Stephen says:

    Thanks a lot for your eyes opening @forexia

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