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Estimated Time: 20+ Hours of Content

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Dylan Forexia Dylan Forexia Naked Trader
Ameen Shaikh Ameen Shaikh Risk Management Specialist
Evan Guell Evan Guell Market Specialist
Brandon Brandon Market Specialist
Zachary Hogan Zachary Hogan Crypto Coach
Mark English Mark English Market Mentalist

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4 thoughts on “Forexia LIVE Recording – December 2018”

  1. David Gillott says:

    What time is the Live Recording? And will there be one today, December 4th?

    1. Dylan Forexia says:

      Live session starts at 6 pm CT today, the live recording will be up and available shortly after the session finishes.

  2. Rigo Lua says:

    Why is it that I cant access the second and third session recordings even when I log in? Please help!

    1. Dylan Forexia says:

      Please contact @dylanforexia via telegram for info on how to access the rest of the recordings!

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