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What will I learn?

♦ Thorough explanation of how the Forex Dealers create specific patterns to induce an emotional state of trauma into retail traders.

♦ Important price action basics and advanced concepts, specially designed to read market sentiment and structure.

♦ In-depth walkthrough of Market Manipulation tactics with real market data.

♦ Entry and Exit strategies that will help you secure trades with practically ZERO drawdown. Payment via Crypto:

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Estimated Time: 8+ Hours

Course Instructor

Dylan Forexia Dylan Forexia Author

Multi-Fractal Advanced FX Course



What Others Have Said

Multi Fractal Course
By: Mas Toche

Dylan is worth his weight in Gold. Having watched ALL of his free videos on Youtube , I was nervous about committing to buy this course, but I am so glad that I did. Without the material that Dylan produces I would have easily blown my account. The content in this course is stand alone but it also helps to round out the rough edges on his free content and dives deep on his concepts. The chaos of the markets are making more sense and instead of floundering around in the Forex waters , I am learning to keep up with the whales. Many Thanks.

By: Eric Prace

Incredible, when I finished this course I was left without words. I come back and watch this course over and over to get all the info in my head. Soooo much priceless info packed in this epic course. Thanks again for making it available for lifetime and for a reasonable price.

By: Josh Kerry

I cannot believe you are selling this course for the price you are. This material has the potential to achieve unlimited income through knowing the proper education. I honestly believe you should sell this course for at least $10,000!! I just finished the course last week and I am already up $7,500 this WEEK ALONE!! AND THE WEEK JUST STARTED!! HOLY SHIT! Is this real life?? I almost feel like I am dreaming!!!!!! I do not know how to thank you enough for creating this course and finally giving me the confidence I needed to trade profitably , thank you sooooo much !!

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