February enrollment period now open!

Forexia LIVE will be presented 5 hours a week introducing the most advanced market perspectives available to the public. We state with absolute certainty there is simply no other source for the structure & analysis we use to maintain a 1:10 risk reward. While maintaining some of the most accurate entries, holds, & exits in the industry.

At Forexia we don’t move with the herd.
We move with what moves the herd.

Institutional Traders simply can’t afford to be…


To present this mindset, perspective, & ability LIVE to our community is truly EXISTENTIAL.

We look forward to taking Forexia to the next level of expression in order to better enlighten those who seek the truth about what Forex really is.


Mentors Include

Dylan Shilts ~ Founder of Forexia

Mark English ~ Market Specialist / Mentalist

Brandon Evo ~ Mentor / Market Specialist

Zachary Hogan ~ Crypto Coach / Market Specialist

Evan Guell ~ Market Specialist / Mentor

Ameen Shaikh ~ Risk Management Specialist




1 Month Live Education + Recordings


~ 5+ Hours of LIVE Education per week
~ 20+ Hours per month
~ Recordings available

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