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  1. Rudy Espinal says:

    Thank you for all the great content!!

  2. Eric Prace says:

    This book is INCREDIBLE! WOW!! Thanks for the amazing content like always!!

  3. Alex Mutisya says:

    this book is esoteric. No wonder the fights from big guns. Great work there

  4. eric tang says:

    Great book!!
    Simple to understand but powerful!

  5. olalekan Sobanke says:

    Since i took the free class it has been awesome, thanks and thanks so much

  6. innocent siayor says:

    great book

  7. Ohno Tanaka says:

    This book is amazing…May God bless you…Amen!!

  8. Bixby Galaxy says:

    Loved the writing great content

  9. saskong sasakornkul says:

    only 1 word>>>great!!!

  10. Anders Malmsten says:

    Haven’t read the book yet, but if it is half as good as the free courceit will be fun….. :-))))

  11. Mlamleli nkwelo says:

    wow wow it has been my daily bread

  12. Alex Namaseb says:

    This is what every trader is looking for..
    Thank you for your generosity.
    The blowing up of accounts era has come to an end.

  13. chipo bwalya says:

    thanks its so helpful keep it up

  14. Yi Xiao says:

    Thank you so much legend!

  15. Muhammad Ahmad says:

    There was so much to learn from free course. Now expecting the same from this free book also..

  16. Muhammad Ahmad says:

    Wow .. What a best book ..full of completely different knowledge.. I dont know how to thank admin for such a generosity.. a book that could be easily sold for a decent price .. he offered free of cost.. !
    looking forward for new edition..!!!!

  17. Prince Innocent Ukandu says:

    I read through the book piece of work I’ve also watched your trading videos they are awesome.
    I would be glad for your mentorship……………………..#i wanna-ht-6figures&moreinFx

  18. Abdul Awal says:

    I am downloading this book and didn’t open it yet. I love your session trading video and it’s so great and easy. I hope this book also be great.

  19. Lionel Alderic says:

    Stuff I never heard of! What type of intelligence is this Master Dylan?

  20. Eugene Chweya says:

    I’ll be back after i achieve my goals thanks to this content you’ve shared

  21. Tafadzwa DUBE says:

    Thank you soo much you a true legend….

  22. Yezouma ZONOU says:

    hello Dylan i would like to sincerly thank you for openning my eyes on the forex market, your book is incredible. can’t wait for the next one
    again thanks 1000 time

  23. Faustine Peter says:

    Great great contents waiting for the second edition

  24. Mzwandile Xaba says:




  26. Thabani Makanza says:

    I love the fact that you offer value for free first. then if we feel the need for more then we can pay. Just finished the course and im about to hope into the book.

  27. Goodboy Chabalala says:

    I have find my gold mine, this was just that one missing puzzle I’ve been looking for for the past 3 years, Be blessed.

  28. ArtM says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge, Dylan.
    I found my Gem.

  29. Albert Garanton says:

    Thank you for sharing the truth Dylan. I think we are on the same wavelengths and realms of the universe. You really helped me confirm what I’ve always suspected about market behaviour but after coming across your material and book it has all finally “clicked”. Keep up the amazing work! I am truly humbled by your work and extremely grateful for all the traders you have guided to the light. The true attitude of a Grand Master.

  30. Rosphita Murniaty says:

    Hi Dylan, in term of forex trading market, your book is really…really…reallly the truth that sets us free. I used to have a feeling that something hidden has been happening behind the curtain for forex market. Thank you for opening my eyes. God bless you.

  31. Nhlanhla Nyika says:

    Great book

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