Trap trading is THE ONLY WAY!!!

News and political matters caused gold to break the $1800 barrier! Every retail trader on 8th of July 2020 By: Golden Pips Generator ALL YOU NEED IS THE CHART AND #FOREXIA KNOWLEDGE!! We have different posts about why you should never listen to the mainstream media, but I’m writing this post to add today’s biggest news in our archive. There was no surprise of price hitting $1800 due to the previous two weeks of consolidation, […]

Upcoming Courses & More

GREETINGS FOREXIA FAMILY! Since the start of this year, I have been working on a major project for all the members of the Academy. Making a complete transition from our previous Academy platform at to our new platform here on FOREXIA.NET. This new platform offers many major benefits including: The ability to organize our content into proper categories & courses. Much more professional LIVE stream organization & scheduling. Certificates, Achievements & Quizzes added to […]